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Dale is a spanish slang word. It has multiple meanings. It can mean yquot;hit it, lety's go, lety's do this, do it (now), and or come on.yquot; First answer by ID1165356746.Answer: Improve. Dale means go and can be used as slang for get some. More or less its just fun to say to people for no reason. First answer by ID1252098701.25 Jan 2008 ... Okay so I was walking and this Latino man yelled..�29 Apr 2011 ... I hear dale in reggaeton songs and, in particular, Pitbull likes to use it. What is the real meaning of dale?Dale runs his own extermination business, Daley's Dead-Bug, although he generally does not pay taxes on his income and has filled out an income tax form only ...7 Jan 2012 ... With this being a weak crop of first-ballot candidates, this year gives some guys who have already been on the ballot previously a little extra ...Dale Earnhardt Jr. was born in Concord, North Carolina. As far as I know, he resides in Mooresville, NC. Of course, during racing season, ... view more.5 Mar 2012 ... CLICK HERE TO READ How Much Money Does Dale Earnhardt Junior Make?, an income salary entry by arisbudi, posted on 12/29/2010 at ...8 Mar 2012 ... Where Did It All Go Wrong? On November 28th, 2011, the Washington Capitals fired Bruce Boudreau and hired Dale Hunter. At the time, the ...What does Dale Farm teach us about ourselves? Posted on September 19, 2011. Today has been a strange day. Ity's been the day of the planned eviction of ...How does Dale Carnegie deliver training if my team is in numerous locations? ... to franchise? What does Dale Carnegie Training offer a prosective franchisee?14 Nov 2007 ... I recently saw a picture of Dale Jr with a cig,but I couldny't tell if it was lit. Does he smoke and tries to keep it a secret? Just curious!9 Jan 2012 ... Not only does Dale personally practice the methods he writes about, he has also coached many others in these methods to show how easy it is ...20 Mar 2009 ... Friday, March 20, 2009 | 9 p.m. - I think Iy'm experiencing Dale Earnhardt Jr. fatigue. Ity's not that I dony't like or respect Dale Jr. I find his honesty to ...Meaning Of Dale - What Does Dale Mean? - The baby unisex name Dale is of English origin. Dale meaning, Dale popularity, Dale hieroglyphics, Dale ...21 Oct 2011 ... Ity's been seven years since Dale Earnhardt Jr. won at one of his best tracks�24 Feb 2012 ... I like Junior, hey's great for the sport and a fairly good driver, but without his daddyy's name, hey'd be working alongside his older brother, Kerry at ...What car does Dale Earnhardt Jr. drive? ChaCha Answer: Dale Earnhardt Jr. drives the #88 Amp/National Guard Chevrolet for Hendrick Mo...Acronym, Definition. DALE, Disability Adjusted Life Expectancy. DALE, Drug Abuse Law Enforcement. DALE, Directorate of Ammunition, Logistics yy Engineering ...31 Oct 2009 ... I have been watching the show for years and I was watching an episode last night and I really just cany't believe he never figured out that ...... or group rates? How does Dale Carnegie deliver training if my team is in numerous locations? ... What does Dale Carnegie offer a prospective franchisee?He will not charge for this. Only drivers who are gay for pay charge for that sort of thing. Dale Jr is not! He is just regular.15 Dec 2010 ... Do the decisions by Iain Dale and Tom Harris to quit mark the end of political bloggingy's golden age in the UK?In which episode of King of the Hill does Dale get a pet hawk or agressive bird of some type that likes to attack Bill? Unfortunate Son [s6.ep11] That scene was ...2 days ago ... In the meantime, we thought wey'd give you more of the Dale Price Family Story. Our side of the story. And boy, does Dale have stories. Last fall ...Dr. Dale Richards, DO, Worthington, OH, Adolescent Psychiatry yy Pediatric Psychiatry, Psychiatry. Get a FREE Background Report on Dr. Richards. View ratings ...18 Dec 2011 ... Peter Watt is disturbed by the reaction to David Camerony's speech on Christianity .2 Nov 2011 ... Heather does Tucker and Dale vs Evil 5 comments. �I should have known if a guy like me talked to a girl like you, somebody would end up dead ...
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