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di�rec�tor (d -r k t r, d -). n. 1. One that supervises, controls, or manages. 2. A member of a group of persons chosen to control or govern the affairs of an institution ...Definition of director: Person who leads, manages, or supervises an organization, program, or project. See also company who directs: as a : the head of an organized group or administrative unit (as a bureau or school) b : one of a group of persons entrusted with the overall of a group of persons chosen to control or govern the affairs of a company or corporation: a board of directors. 3. the person responsible for the interpretive ...Outside Director - Definition of Outside Director on Investopedia - Any member of a companyy's board of directors who is not an employee or stakeholder in the ...Non-Executive Director - Definition of Non-Executive Director on Investopedia - A member of a companyy's board of directors who is not part of the executive team ...A director by definition is a manager. A director would be a higher ranking manager...a manager of managers. Typically a companies ...Define director. What is director? director meaning and more by Macmillan Dictionary.Definition of co-director from QFinance - The Ultimate Financial Resource. What is co-director? Definitions and meanings of co-director.10 Sep 2002 ... Indicative Independent Director Definition. International Finance Corporation. The purpose of identifying and appointing independent directors ...Definition : Designated Director. A designated director will mainly be nominated for confidentiality reasons. For instance, a designated director will be elected if ...SCHOOL DIRECTOR. Definition: The School Director shall supervise, either directly or through delegation, all activities and all personnel of the school ...The legal definition of Director is Senior manager(s) selected by shareholders to manage a corporation.DEFINITION. To plan, direct, manage and oversee the activities and operations of the Community Development department including building, economic View definition and meaning of worker director ...Directors - Topic:Law - Online Encyclopedia - What is what? Everything you always wanted to know.MODESTO JUNIOR COLLEGE FOUNDATION EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR. DEFINITION. Under general administrative direction, plans, directs, manages and ...Director definition - What does Director mean? A person responsible for determining the policy of a corporation, institution or other entity. Directors are usually ...Top questions and answers about Safety Director Definition. Find 383 questions and answers about Safety Director Definition at Read more.Define art director. What is art director? art director meaning and more by Macmillan Dictionary.yquot;Athletic directoryquot; means an individual responsible for administering the overall athletic program of an educational institution or, if an educational institution has ...HUMAN SERVICES PROGRAM DIRECTOR. Definition. Under administrative direction, to have overall responsibility for child welfare services, adult services ...PUBLIC HEALTH LABORATORY ASSISTANT DIRECTOR. DEFINITION. Assists in planning, organizing, and directing the activities of the Public Health ...Definitions of technical director, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of technical director, analogical dictionary of technical director (English)16 Aug 2011 ... GreenPages IT Director defines the cloud and discusses the companies own journey to the cloud.Definition of company director: An appointed or elected member of the board of directors of a company who, with other directors, has the responsibility for ...ASSISTANT PLANNING DIRECTOR. DEFINITION. To assist the Planning Director in managing and directing the Planning and Redevelopment. Department; to ...Insolvency - Liquidation - Definition of Shadow director - Examples of two types of shadow director - What is a shadow director?County of Mariposa. BUILDING DEPARTMENT DIRECTOR. DEFINITION. To plan, coordinate, direct and supervise the operations of the Building Department; ...
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