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23 Sep 2011 ... This article describes how to change the default location of the My Documents folder in Microsoft Windows XP.25 Nov 2007 ... Since Windows 95, all versions of Windows operating system has included a special shell folder named My Documents, or simply Documents ...8 Dec 2006 ... The all familiar My Documents folder in Windows XP has been ... Alternatively, you can also select the Move button from the Location tab and ...The Documents and Settings folder is normally located in C drive. I am wondering if I could change the default location of My Document for all ...24 Jul 2009 ... Iy'd like to change the location of My Documents, but theyy've removed the location tab that was present in Vista. What Iy'm looking to do is set the ...31 Mar 2005 ... Hello-- Iy've been trying to change the yquot;My Documentsyquot; location, by fol. ... original location of the y'My Documentsy' folder--I was able to change it ...19 Feb 2009 ... The My Documents folder is a special folder that is attached to each user account as the default save location for many types of file. Normally ...Unfortunately, this folder is by default located on the C: drive, the same drive ... Now make a decision which drive youy'd like to move the My Documents folder to.Follow these easy steps to change the location of the My Documents folder and repeat for each User Account. 1) Click on the Start button and then click on ...31 Dec 2004 ... You can change the target if you want My Documents to point to a different folder location. Change the Default Location of the My Documents ...Change the Windows 7 My Documents location. Do you want the �My Documents � folder to be in another location? For example, you want to keep all your data ...25 Oct 2010 ... Word 2010 and 2007. By default, Word saves documents in the My Documents folder, located in the root directory. To change the default folder: ...Change the Location of the My Documents Folder. To change the location of the My Documents Folder use this reg file. This is the same as right clicking and ...Keywords: new windows, new computers, windows 7 folder, documents folder, my documents folder, change folder location, change where it saves, change ...While working in Microsoft Office, when you try to open or save a document, ... This tutorial will teach you how to change this default location to your desired drive ...6 Feb 2010 ... I know how to change the location of My Documents to point to a new location; will this also work for changing the location to point to an exising ...26 Feb 2011 ... We are running server 2003 and connect 8 clients to the domain. We have upgraded client PCy's from XP Pro to new PCy's loaded with Windows ...15 Apr 2009 ... Do any one have idea to change location of my documents to the storage card in windows mobile ? Iy've actually searched for this and cany't find ...First, yquot;My Documentsyquot; is called yquot;Documentsyquot; in Vista. Just so you know when you go looking. I think what youy're asking is this - click the start button, ...How can I change the physical location of yquot;My Documentsyquot; folder? By default, the My Documents folder for your user account resides in the %Userprofile% folder ...23 Jun 2011 ... To change the location of My Documents, click start and right click on My Documents then select properties. Change Location Of My Documents ...As such, yquot;My Documentsyquot; in file load/save dialogs (and in Windows Explorer) doesny't appear as an absolute path. A user can change the physical location of ...27 Apr 2009 ... It can be done by simply moving it to a safer backup location. In this article we are going to show you how to move the My Documents to a ...19 May 2011 ... There is a good reason as to why you would want to change the storage location of My Documents.21 Feb 2008 ... The My Documents folder is typically in a very specific place for each user in Windows XP. The good news is you can move it, and ity's easy to ...2 Sep 2011 ... see I have this fear of yquot;the blue screen of deathyquot; where my OS gets all ruined and my C:/ drive has to be reformated or else I wony't get my ...8 Apr 2011 ... If you not only like to customize Windows 7 with Windows 7 themes, but you also like to customize the folder locations, herey's a tutorial how to ...Hello, I want to be able to have the My Documents folder located on the root of the C: drive on our xp pro machines. Ideally i want the link to be called My Data ...
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