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William Lamar yquot;Billyyquot; Beane III (born March 29, 1962) is a former Major League Baseball player and the current general manager (GM) and minority owner of the ...Career: 3 HR, .219 BA, 29 RBI, OF, Twins/Athletics/... 1984-1989, b:R/t:R, born in FL 1962.4 days ago ... Brad Pitt portrayed him in a movie, but Billy Beane is glad the hype is over now the 2012 Major League Baseball season is starting.28 Sep 2011 ... Former Ay's manager Art Howe has been on the offensive over his portrayal in the film Moneyball, based on the book of the same name.Billy Beane Vice President, General Manager. Considered one of the most progressive and talented baseball executives in the game today, Billy Beane has ...14 Feb 2012 ... Billy Beane outdid Kenny Williams and the Chicago White Sox again on Monday as the Oakland Athletics signed Yoenis Cespedes to a ...21 Sep 2011 ... If therey's ever a sequel to the movie, it probably wony't have anything to do with baseball.8 Feb 2012 ... Billy Beane is planning to stay in the Bay Area for the long haul.26 Sep 2011 ... yquot;Moneyballyquot; was the highest-grossing new release of the weekend, with Michael Lewisy' bestselling book about the unorthodox method of ...8 Feb 2012 ... Billy Beaney's deal may only go through 2019, but his tie to Brad Pitt will last forever. (Getty)Admittedly ity's a little weird to use a word like yquot;dawnyquot; ...21 Feb 2012 ... Billy Beane explained to the media Tuesday exactly why the Ay's committed to the mercurial slugger Manny Ramirez, providing a number of ...10 Sep 2011 ... Billy Beane Net Worth. How much is Billy Beane worth? Net Worth: Stats $15 Million USD. Source: Baseball player (retired), Manager/minority ...4 days ago ... Billy Beane, general manager of Major League Baseball team Oakland Athletics, who was portrayed by Brad Pitt in Oscar-nominated movie ...21 Feb 2012 ... In greeting a handful of media members on Tuesday, Ay's general manager Billy Beane took several questions about his decision to sign Manny ...The title of the article was �How to Take American Health Care from Worst to First� and it was actually a collaboration by Gingrich, Kerry, and Billy Beane.9 Feb 2012 ... yquot;It really is about having to do a lot with a little -- being creative, being thoughtful, as well as using analytics.yquot;8 Feb 2012 ... Oakland Ay's General Manager Billy Beane talked baseball, metrics, and people calling him crazy, with an audience of search marketers and ...7 Mar 2012 ... Major League Baseball executive Billy Beane, the subject of Michael Lewisy' bestselling book yquot;Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Gameyquot; ...Approaching the world logically with great discipline is not only the world of trend followers. The following excerpts are from a New Yorker article by James be back in Japan,yquot; Oakland general manager Billy Beane said. yquot;When they asked who wanted ..... the home team in both games. Beane said he expects ...10 Feb 2012 ... Oakland Ay's general manager Billy Beane will attend the Oscars on Feb. 26, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Beane, portrayed by Brad Pitt ...22 hours ago ... Oakland Ay's GM Billy Beane talks exclusively with Athletics Nation as the team approaches opening the season in Japan against the Seattle ...10 Feb 2012 ... The Oakland Ay's general manager will be on hand to see if the story about him wins.11 Sep 2011 ... Baseball brainiac Billy Beane is being played by Brad Pitt on the big screen.13 Feb 2012 ... After Signing Cuban Defector With Weird Workout Video, Have The Ay's Had The Strangest Offseason Ever?. Billy Bean, Openly Gay Former ...13 Feb 2012 ... Brad Pitt has had quite a year: Two of his films � Moneyball and The Tree of Life � are up for the Best Picture Oscar, and the baseball film ...16 Feb 2012 ... Blanchat: Is Billy Beane a genius or a madman? Billy Beane is a genius. Or hey's a madman. Iy'm just not sure which one. Every single day, the ...Answer 1 of 3: No, the original is by the Australian artist Lenka: ...Billy Beane must have loved TinkerToys when he was a kid. Actually, no, maybe thaty's not true. It had to be harder to calculate the OPS+ for a TinkerToy than for ...3 Oct 2011 ... Billy Bean and Billy Beane could not be more different. Yet they also have a lot in common. For many people, though, confusion reigns.
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