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1 Dec 2006 ... What part do i need to put in the engine, (a part not a new engine) to make the acceleration go alot faster? Like right when i put my foot on the ...4 Mar 2010 ... There are a lot of carburetor manufacturers out there that build the performance parts you need to make your car faster. Most notably in America ...26 Feb 2010 ... How to Make an Automatic Car Faster. In general, an automatic car is considered to be slower off the line then a manual car. This is due to the ...8 May 2002 ... The average person has no reason to ever want to make their car faster, but for some, therey's no such thing as fast enough. These people will ...How to Make a Car Faster. Most cars on the road are driven to simply get you from here to there, whether it be home, work, the store or a friendy's house.3 days ago ... I have a 2005 ss monte carlo with supercharger, how can I make it faster?21 Oct 2011 ... 4 thoughts on �How to make car faster?� Eddie Rivera on October 21, 2011 at 1: 20 pm said: Any real change in horsepower will need engine ...4 Feb 2011 ... This post is one of my favourites so far, ity's the 8 things you can do to make your car crap, or in other words, how to make it chav tastic!Similar Threads. Thread, Thread Starter, Forum, Replies, Last Post. Can bad fuel injectors or fuel pressure reg. make truck idle a little off, but be... shawn v ...This document describes ways to make a derby car faster. I must begin this document with a disclaimer: My experience building fast derby cars is limited.In exchange for loaning them my car, Iy'd get the mods at no additional cost. In effect, instead of paying cash to make my car faster, Iy'd just have to do without it for ...5 Oct 2011 ... Hi everyone I have just got a big tamia hotshot for my birthday but Iy'm quite disappointed with the speed so can anyone tell me any simple and ...17 Jan 2010 ... ok, ive heard many things about govenors, and what not..... if i disable the govenor with a string, or rubber band will i hurt my cart? when ive ...i got a muffler and it added alot . i want to reach as high as i can without using turbos,sc,pc,nos what else can i add to get the performance i ...30 Jan 2012 ... 1 How it Works; 2 How to Make it Work; 3 Number of Turns; 4 Making Your Car Go the Distance; 5 Making Your Car Faster; 6 Making Your Car ...22 Mar 2005 ... My question is how to make my car faster? fit an induction kit? exhaust system? can i fit a turbo on the car? Please advise!!!! Thank You Paul ...Having a faster car probably wony't get you laid, but flying past that smug asshat next to you in that really expensive car is worth it.So I was bored all day today and I couldny't help but think about how much faster my friends new 11 mustang GT is compared to my 94 Si.How to make your car go faster. September 7, 2009. Presentation It sounds simple, but ity's amazing how many people cany't be bothered making their car look ...Undersized pulleys will turn the power steering, alternator, A/C compressor slower that standard sized pulleys therefore using less power from the engine.27 Jul 2010 ... i want to make my car go faster than 196 how do i do that in the dyno - Need for Speed Underground 2 Questions, PlayStation 2. . - Plus great ...18 Dec 2006 ... Hey i was wonderign how i could make my car just a little faster than my friends XRS because he thinks his car is so much faster than mine and ...SELL IT!!! NOTICE TO ALL N/A (naturally aspired - non-turbo) 850 and S70 owners. Not trying to be mean, just trying to let you know that ...Early insurance will make your new car deliver faster - Get Your Insurance Together Early to take Delivery of Your New Car Faster If you are planning to ...
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