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usually said by drug dealers, or people who are really into a particular drug. when they are running low they yquot;re-upyquot; the stash.most people think re-ing up can be used to define your own supply but its actually only for those dealers who are below the yquot;head hanchoyquot;. They have to go to ...intransitive verb. : to sign on again ylt;re-upped with the team for three more yearsygt; ; especially : to enlist again. See re�up defined for English-language learners � (r - p ). intr.v. re-upped, re-up�ping, re-ups Informal. 1. To enlist again for military service. 2. To sign a renewed contract for employment or service.verb (used without object), verb (used with object), -upped, -up�ping. Military Informal. to reenlist. Dictionary.comy's Mobile Apps ...This Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of Re-Up is. The slang word / phrase / acronym Re-Up means... . Online Slang Dictionary. A list of ...Re-up is slang for re-enlisting in the military. (verb). An example of re-up is when you take your oath and enlist against after you have served a tour of duty and ...20 Jun 2011 ... Define re-up. What is re-up? re-up meaning and more by Macmillan Dictionary.Had to hit Urban Dictionary because iy've been seeing and hearing re-up a bunch lately and wasny't sure what it - Definition from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary. Home. Visit Our Sites. Premium. Services. Downloads. Word of the Day. Word Games ...Definitions. look what wey're up against now. touching; having to cope with y#8658; look what wey're up against now. See up (sense 17) ...Upholster definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and ... Look it up now! ... re�up�hol�ster, verb (used with object) ...4 Mar 2012 ... What do we think of the PRSAy's new definition of PR as yquot;the strategic ... Also, it does not help non-PRs to understand what wey're up to.Definition of re-up by Macmillan Dictionary: Free British English English Dictionary Online with Thesaurus.14 Nov 2011 ... Wey've simply got to change and the big question is if wey're up to the task. This is really the central issue of our time and what will define the ...(I dony't need no oney's permission my lifey's in hi-definition) And my return, is more like a re-up. I hold a hold like a tea-cup. World in one hand, while the other ...... is a way to share and back up other writers hubs. Is it legit? Sure!! We are still in here and passing the word on Facebook. OUR DEFINITION OF A RE-PIMPER ...17 Jun 2011 ... Definition of y'Up a gum treey' from our dictionary of English idioms and idiomatic ... If youy're up a gum tree, youy're in trouble or a big mess.Content visible to registered users only. Download: Fileserve Content visible to registered users only. Netload Content visible to registered users.My lifey's in high definition (Verse One - Lupe Fiasco) And my return. Ity's more like a re-up. I hold a hoe like a tea cup. World in one hand, while the other hand ...22 Dec 2006 ... todayy's word is �re-up�. According to the official �English� definition, re-up is: U.S. Servicesy' slang. intr. To re-enlist. Also as n., one who re-enlists ...13 Apr 2010 ... The cover of the book The Wire Re-up: The Guardian Guide to the ...... it depends on the definition of fuck up... strictly speaking Herc is a fuck up ...up. - definition. View thesaurus entry for up; What are red words? Using the thesaurus ..... I dony't know what theyy're doing but Iy'm sure theyy're up to no good.Definition of re-up in the dictionary. Meaning of re-up. What does re-up mean? Information and translations of re-up in the most comprehensive ...VIDEO: SBTV @ Re:Definition 2011. Submitted by Nonny on 6.06pm, Mon 8th Aug 2011. Our friends over at SB.TV hit us up at Re:Definition for an insight into ...Re: Up and down definitions for the Vector. Posted by Clark Richards at March 07 . 2011. Hi Jonas,. This seems like a sensible place to ask this question, as it is ...4 Mar 2012 ... Download: Mac Miller � Definition Of Cool feat Diggy. Mac Miller just dropped his latest track which should be featured on his new Macadelic ...Because the yquot;value or stealyquot; definition depends on the opposition youy're up against and the range of hands theyy're likely to play in a situation like this, I will ...30 May 2011 ... Re: FEC Events (Down/Up): - Definition? Options. Mark as New; Bookmark; Subscribe; Subscribe to this messagey's RSS Feed ymiddot; Highlight this ...24 May 2005 ... To: Bernard Aboba ylt;aboba@internaut.comygt;, Brett Pentland ylt;brett.pentland@;; Subject: Re: [DNA] Definition of yquot;Link Upyquot; ...
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